Why the port tunnel debate matters to residents on the Venetian Causeway

Anyone who lives on the Venetian Causeway knows what a traffic logjam on the MacArthur means to residents on Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, DiLido, San Marino and Biscayne islands. And how the tollbooth from the mainland east stacks up with cars and drivers who don’t have a C-pass.

Island residents wait, wait, wait in the gridlock.

That’s why Beach Mayor Matti Bower’s battle over construction for the Port of Miami tunnel matters. Here’s the miamiherald.com story on the subject.

In a nutshell: Work is about to start on the $1.2 billion Port tunnel, which by 2014 will take truck traffic from the Port on Dodge Island, route it under Biscayne Bay and then on to the MacArthur (I-395) at Watson Island so it can flow west on SR 836 toward I-95, etc.

For the tunnel plan to be successful, the MacArthur/I-395 need a lot of work.

That work will make crossing the causeway, the main route to South Beach, a bigger slog. Lanes will have to be closed at various times in different directions. Starting May 24, Florida Department of Transportation planned to begin on the eastbound lanes to shift them south to make room for some of the construction.

No point repeating details in The Herald story, but Belle Isle Blog will keep an eye on this project from the Venetian Causeway perspective.


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