Venetian Causeway streetscape project stuck in traffic

The Venetian Causeway

If you’ve wondered why construction stopped on improvements to the Venetian Causeway, the Venetian Islands Homeowners Association does too — though they have a couple of answers.

There area couple of projects underway on the causeway — one streetscape project overseen by Miami-Dade County and another by Miami Beach (Rivo Alto, Di Lido, and San Marino Islands), as well as the replacement of water main extensions by the city of Miami Beach. None has been active during the last few months.

Greg Carney, who heads up the streetscape committee for the homeowner association, said they have been told that the county’s Department of Environmental Resources Management has turn off the tap on “dewatering permits” that are needed to keep sea water from filling construction holes on the low-lying causeway.

“The contractors need to remove this water constantly (“dewater”) in order to do their work,” he said in a letter shared with homeowners. “In the past, water removed from the work area has been pumped into storm drains which drain into the Bay. Now DERM has evidently decided for some reason that this water cannot go into the Bay, which presents significant logistical issues and so is holding up our work. If water cannot be discharged into the Bay, costs for these projects may also increase.’

On Monday, Carney said, the Miami Beach Capital Improvement Projects Oversight Committee said it wanted a written explanation for the delay.

Meanwhile, the county public works department reports that “the contractor that was awarded the Venetian Causeway Streetscape Improvement project withdrew their bid and the Miami-Dade project will be re-advertised, ” Carney said in a note to homeowners.


One response to “Venetian Causeway streetscape project stuck in traffic

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