Venetian Causeway homeowners alerted to proposed Arsht Center ad tower hearing

Renderering of proposed ad towers at Arsht Center

The Venetian Causeway Homeowners Alliance has alerted its list serve members of public hearing tonight at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Under discussion: A proposed parking garage across from the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts that would feature two 22-story electronic advertising signs — visible for across the causeway. The towers would sit on top of the eight-story garage; together, the structures would be 30 stories. has a takeout on the proposal today, as well as renderings of what it might look like. The Arsht Center doesn’t have its own parking lot, which would be the public benefit of the project. But the towers, even in renderings prepared by developer Mark Siffin, are huge. They would be built on surface parking lots currently owned by The Herald’s parent, The McClatchy Co. The land has been under contract for sale for several years, but has not closed.

The alert to causeway homeowners says:

Very important meeting for anyone living in the City of Miami!
A major developer will be making a presentation on a proposed project that could change the face of the community near the Arsht Performing Arts Center.

The public hearing starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Ziff Ballet and Opera House at the Arsht, in the Next Generation Green Room.


4 responses to “Venetian Causeway homeowners alerted to proposed Arsht Center ad tower hearing

  1. This is an outstanding project. The images that the Herald released for public consumption don’t do the whole project justice.

    The renderings are Phase I.
    To begin with, this portion serves the immediate need of parking at the AACPA while adding ground retail and preserving the historic Boulevard Shops. Siffin is one of the most meticulous developers in town and has a passion for building (and preserving) important architecture and complimenting neighborhoods, and keeping the historic Boulevard Shops in it’s architectural glory is a great thing to do.
    Check out how Siffin landscaped and painted his neighboring buildings at Capri South Beach (16th & Bay Road). Additionally, on his own dime, he put in beautifully stone streets instead of asphalt for two entire blocks. Also, how he spent an additional $16M just to hide the parking underground so it didn’t interfere with the Bay Walk at Capri.

    Secondly, Phase I is essential for Phase II retail. The Phase II retail will be akin to the plaza Victory Park in Dallas
    The Plaza will feature restaurants and retail spaces that will really get people into the area before a show, and to stick around after the show.

    Phase I is incredible and imaginative. Vibrant lighting and art displays will give this area the interest that you see in Times Square or Shinjuku. Phase II will add some great shops and restaurants, Phase II will be a tower but will keep the Herald structure in tact.

    It is an extraordinary project, let’s hope that the voters of Miami don’t nip this 10 Acre plan in the bud by getting hung up on the function of Phase I.

  2. Miami should not try to be NYC or vegas. Phase 1 and 2 are smoke screens: when the market comes back big bldgs will get built there, they won’t until then. Then, the numbers for the other projects will be there, with or without these towers.
    This developer’s been trying for years to get city and county money for this. Lobbyists nationally are trying to get these LCD towers approved, but they know that only in this city might it actually work – with our narrow minded elected officials.
    Other cities have outlawed these billboards in any size. Michigan has a bill to have a two year moratorium. Miami?
    We get a two day at best notice for this meeting. He gets the unions to pack the crowd. The workers had no idea what was proposed, just that they were told they better go to support it.
    The artists illustrations were purposefully drawn to appear much smaller and less obtrusive than they will be. The content will be video, commercials, not, mostly what the illustrations show – print posters for the PAC center. Those presenting today, when asked, would not even say how many lumens these screens project. That this is a snow job and the process has been a scam, should be enough to say NO. That the nearby high rise residents had no direct notice and if they went to the meeting still do not have the real facts, is reason to rethink who we have elected, and re-elected. By the way, anyone else notice the parking structure went from five to six, to eight stories in just one day! (see the Herald’s current article posted online). This is for a handful of private special interests, PERIOD.

  3. naysayers, please lay off!! I live 2 blocks from the proposed media towers and I think my opinion matters a bit more than someone from elsewhere. I vote 100% for this proposal and give a 2 thumbs up. We need it, we want it and I think my OMNI/Pace Park Neighborhood will be vastly improved for the better with this project. I do not want the rest of the World to leave us in dust while we are fighting amongst ourselves derailing every project. All those who do not live here and are opposing this project… just lay off and keep your opinions to yourselves.

  4. Really Ray, Michigan outlawed media towers? Michigan is bankrupt. Seriously…
    #1 The towers will finance a desperately needed covered parking structure for our $500 million PAC investment.
    #2 The private individual is putting up his own money for the structure (which includes cafes) and not a dime of taxpayer dollars.
    #3 We will pay $150 Million for the Marlins parking structure from our taxes. Miamians shouldn’t get to frustrated about this, right Ray, this is the same way they run things in Michigan.
    #4 The Media Arts Center Towers will implement the latest LED Media-Mesh technology. Not LED Screen Billboards as many believe. This media mesh is more than 70% transparent and requires 80% less electricity to power than the currently installed LED Screen Billboards. Furthermore, this system can use solar panels as a power source and has over 90,000 hours of high performance. The Media-Mesh can withstand hurricane force winds, frigid cold and searing heat. The Mesh (stainless steel) does not restrict the flow of light (transparent) or ventilation and is a good passive insulation from direct solar heat gain when used on building facades.

    Really Ray…LCD towers? Turn on your computer machine and go to the Internet thingy and use Alta Vista to research LED Media-Mesh. Don’t be scared.

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