Belle Isle, Venetian Islands rebound in Census count participation

This screenshot shows our census tract and participation levels.

The Miami Herald reports that South Florida and the state overall did better than a decade ago in responding to U.S. Census questionaires, which should mean a better shot at getting a fair share of federal money in the region.

So did our little census tract, which includes Belle Isle and the other islands on the Venetian and MacArthur causeways, as this map shows from the U.S. Census website. We still lagged behind the state and the nation, but 62 percent of our neighbors turned in forms, compared with 57 percent a decade ago.

The percentages reflect households responding to the mailed survey. Now the hard work starts. Starting Saturday, Census workers across the country will start knocking on doors to get responses from the folks who received questionaires but didn’t return them.

The first phase result is a big improvement from when we last visited the topic. At that time, only 16 percent of the people in our census tract have turned in data, compared with 26 percent statewide and 34 percent nationally.


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