Running for a cause on the Venetian Causeway

The Venetian Run/Walk Meetup page.

On Tuesday nights across the bridge from Belle Isle, activism and exercise make a great mix.

Maybe you’d seen the small gathering of runners and walkers stretching in Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, 1800 Purdy Ave., before they head west on the Venetian Causeway for their Tuesday evening charity fun run.  They meet each week at 6 p.m., organized by Maria Calderon and Lindsey Matheson to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.

The runs started in March. The runners have a meetup group, Facebook page and a site for the charity their work benefits, the Lustgarten Foundation.

From Lindsey on their website:

We are doing this to raise money to support research into pancreatic cancer. We have both lost a parent to this terrible disease which is highly resistant to treatment and we want to do all we can to help make progress towards a cure.

Calderon, a trainer and experienced marathoner, leads the running group and provides tips. Lindsey leads the walkers. After the workout and a stretch, the week’s participants usually drop into to one of the Purdy Avenue cafes. Lindsey:  “Sparkling water if you are feeling virtuous, a cocktail if you have really earned it!”

They ask participants to donate $5 per session to The Lustgarten Foundation. If this sounds like a good way to wind down from work on a Tuesday night,  email first ( so they know about how many people to expect. Oh, and bring your own water and change for the parking meters.


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