Miami Beach commissioner taps Epicure on dumping the InCard

When we last left Commissioner Jonah Wolfson, he was meeting with residents at Belle Plaza for the Belle Isle town hall. Among the complaints he heard: Epicure had dropped its 10 percent off discount for Miami Beach InCard users, and, what the heck!

The commissioner told us he planned to look into the matter, and now he’s sent an email to Epicure owner Jason Starkman. Read it yourself.

Jason Starkman

1656 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL33139-2426

Dear Sir-

I have received numerous complaints about your establishment having ended the IN Card partnership with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.  I imagine that much of your core customers are not happy.  I just wonder why you started this program in the first place if the reason for stopping it was business loss.  It seems that you should have been able to project as much.

I am very interested in receiving your input.  Let me know your thoughts.

Jonah M. Wolfson |COMMISSIONER

City of Miami Beach

No changes yet, but it’s a start. Epicure’s address is there. We could write them, too!


2 responses to “Miami Beach commissioner taps Epicure on dumping the InCard

  1. Mary Kennedy Baumslag

    Why not just boycott Epicure ?
    Take the South Beach Local down to 10th Street
    and West Avenue to Whole Foods. The groceries
    are better and cheaper as well, e.g., grass fed
    beef, cage free chickens, responsibly caught fish,
    and more.
    And they usually have weekly specials.

  2. He owns 1.2 million to Hard rock casino he has to cut it from some where. He even cut the employees salary to half and lover their hourly wages just to pay the casino bills talked to Any employee they will explain better for you.

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