Census count slow on Belle Isle, Miami Beach

BelleIsleBlog received its census questionnaire in the mail earlier this month and mailed it back pronto. It really matters as the federal government, state of Florida and Miami Beach decide how to spend their tax money during the next decade, not to mention how it figures in political participation.

Today, we played with a cool widget on the census bureau site that lets you see how well your state, city and neighborhood is doing to returning the surveys to the U.S. Census. And the answer for our nation, state, city and neighborhood is….not very good.

This widget will let you track how well our census tract, which includes all the Venetian Islands as well as Star, Palm and Hibiscus islands, is doing. You can check out the rest of Miami Beach, Miami, Florida and other places as well.

Only 16 percent of the people in our census tract have turned in data, compared with 26 percent statewide and 34 percent nationally. In 2000, 57 percent of the people in our census tract returned forms, compared with 69 percent statewide and 72 percent nationally. Likewise, Miami Beach as a whole lags behind the rest of the state and the nation.

So we have work to do.

We are doing poorly in returning census forms.


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