Is this what Belle Isle really looked like?

A pastoral Belle Isle, circa 1940.

At BelleIsleBlog, we’re really getting into this history stuff. We live on this great island, walking distance from great restaurants, the beach, shopping on Lincoln Road and the craziest people watching in the world.

Buy we live in high-rise condos, overlooking the Bay and and towers of this urban Beach playground. We’re just loving these looks into our not-too-distant past. Above, a photo from city archives on Belle Isle in 1940. At that time, there was a bridge between Miami Beach and the island, and some estates, but not much else. We’re throwing in the 1937 postcard of the bridge from Belle Isle to Miami Beach, and a today shot to bring it all home.

The bridge to Belle Isle, 1937

Belle Isle bridge, Feb. 26, 2010


3 responses to “Is this what Belle Isle really looked like?

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  2. thank you for posting all of these, so enjoyable. I actually grew up in central Florida and even that’s not the same. I know things change but it’s nice to see the way it was. thank you again.

  3. I have some blueprints of El Retiro which was at one time a subdivision on the inland. Not sure if any of you have heard of it or if any of the buildings are still there. My great grand father Warren B Ferris owned the land for some time in the 1920’s. Would be more than happy to share them with you for the blog.

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