Belle Isle residents — start your questions!


Wondering why the city insists on locking one side of the dog park all the time, even if that’s the side with pools of standing water?

How the city stands on the South Beach Local bus service?

Is there a way to improve free WIFI coverage so you can actually use it from Belle Isle?

Miami Beach City Commissioner Jonah Wolfson is holding and informal town hall meeting on our island on Thursday at 7 p.m. It’s at Belle Plaza, 20 Island Ave., in the first floor meeting room.

So if you have a question for the city, either come to the meeting or post it here and we’ll make sure it gets before the commissioner.


One response to “Belle Isle residents — start your questions!

  1. Mary Kennedy Baumslag

    I would like to know why the Miami Beach police do not monitor what goes on in 33139.
    I see cars that ignore red lights, almost no one
    uses their signals for left or right turns, most horrific are those who pass on the left where
    the Purdy Avenue turn is. And then there is the noise pollution of people just honking the car horns a nanosecond after the light turns green.
    Why is there no law against driving while on the cell phone? Other states have such laws and they enforce them.
    If traffic and driving laws were enforced Miami Beach would be rolling in money from all the fines.
    The delay of the red light cameras is an emblem of how little this concerns law enforcement.
    There are red light cameras all over New York City and the traffic is five times as heavy and one tenth as dangerous as here.

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