Psst….Standard Spa offers a discount deal

Most Belle Isle buildings have their own gyms, and there are a number of trainers who work privately in several, but even so, this deal The Standard is offering sounds pretty good to us:

A monthly Spa membership for $100. It includes use of the pool, gym and the indoor and outdoor baths, plus two Yoga, movement or meditation class passes and two guest passes good for use Monday-Thursday.

Not bad for a place you can walk to (it’s 40 Island Ave.)  that also offers a hip happy hour and a restaurant with tater tots that earned a prize at the South Beach Wine and Food Fest.

(Just so you know, this isn’t a paid announcement. We thought you’d want to be clued to a good deal in the hood.)


2 responses to “Psst….Standard Spa offers a discount deal

  1. That sounds like a GREAT deal. It would be evern better if they’d lose the attitude.

  2. Wow, what a deal. My wife and I enjoy the happy hour and watch as the sun sets. It also doesn’t hurt walking home after a few drinks.

    Sounds like a great deal.

    Don’t forget the Bingo on Sunday nights.

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