Election battle at Belle Isle condo

Nine Island Avenue

Nine Island Avenue is Belle Isle’s biggest building. It’s a grand place, but built in 1981, it’s undergone a series of renovation projects during the last five years with more in the future.

That’s translated into a series of assessments. The biggest of them all still faces unit owners, and it is tied to renovating the condo pool, pool deck and parking garage. The price-tag is scary but still unknown. Another project in the works, smaller but not unsubstantial, involves renovating the elevator lobbies and hallways on all floors with new flooring, wall treatments, lighting fixtures and doors.

With a condo board election scheduled for March 10, the atmosphere is a bit, shall we say, heated.

BelleIsleBlog reported four week ago about an anonymous letter slipped under 9 Island unit owners doors critical of current board members and urging change. Two weeks later, three condo residents (Dmitri Andonov, Mora Israel and Blanka Rosenstiel) distributed a signed note urging condo owners to participate in the upcoming elections. They noted that previous projects, such as the replacement of all the building balcony railings, went well over budget and took much longer than planned.

Twelve candidates are seeking election to the board. Five will be elected, and each condo unit can vote for five candidates. Tuesday night is an open forum for candidates to make their case for election.

Here’s who is on the ballot and a thumbnail from their statements of candidacy, which were part of the ballot package sent to all unit owners:

Dmitri Andonov — experience as a project manager, runs an international company on Miami Beach.

Richard Goldstein — former board treasurer, played a key role in a variety of projects at Nine Island.

Chris Growald — current board member, led the pool deck structural committee, background as construction consultant, advocates returning current board members.

Mora Israel — real estate experience, concerned about lack of reserve fund, wants to establish more secure financial position.

Boris Klopukh — seeking re-election, board secretary, serves as webmaster.

Jim McLean — board treasurer, CPA, helped make accounting statements more understandable for unit owners.

Jon Recicar — board president, advocates return of current board members to continue on agenda.

David Rosen — advocates replacing all current board members, critical of not addressing pool deck issues sooner and not funding partial reserves.

Blanka Rosenstiel — original resident, experience with other homeowner associations, wants pool/garage project tackled before other projects.

Jeff Stokols — Lawyer, active in arts, critical of current board, urges support of himself and Rosenstiel, Cecilia Vasquez, Israel and Michel Wehe.

Cecilia Vasquez — background in accounting and publishing, urges replacement of current board with a slate of Rosenstiel, Stokols, Israel and Wehe.

Michel Wehe — recording engineer, family owned in Nine Island since it was built, wants board replaced with candidate slate.

We’ll give you a fresh report after candidates’ night on Tuesday. It starts at 7 p.m.


2 responses to “Election battle at Belle Isle condo

  1. Thanks for the report. I’ll be there Tuesday.

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