Update: lots of interest in South Beach Local bus

Since we posted the piece asking whether folks want to ride the South Beach Local, the 25-cent bus that circles Belle Isle and connects it with the rest of South Beach, we’ve gotten plenty of feedback.

A copy of the Belle Isle Blog story posted on MiamiHerald.com generated this feedback:

  • Too bad we didn’t have the local coming to Belle Isle when I lived there…That’s a great idea!!

  • What most people don’t realize is that, instead of driving around forever for a convenient parking space and paying big money to park, you could find a cheap space off the beaten trail space and take the local to your destination.

  • The Local is a small bus, they are fairly new, and much more comfortable than the large city buses.
  • I am a South Beach resident and use the Local. It is definitely better than driving and parking – and during the summer it’s a terrific way to get somewhere on the Beach without killing yourself in the humidity.

You can read more comments here and here. Keep ’em coming.

Here the info on the route: SBL-Flier.

Get on board.


One response to “Update: lots of interest in South Beach Local bus

  1. Mary Kennedy Baumslag

    The Local is so great. But the difficulty has been
    that the route has been unclear. I moved here in
    late November and have used the bus about 6 times.
    I would have used it more except I couldn’t get the smallest piece of information from the very taciturn drivers.
    Is there a route map?
    Does this bus go to Washington Ave and, if
    not, which one does?
    (On the Washington Avenue end):
    Can you tell me where I can get the bus to
    Island Avenue?
    (That one was answered by “Where is that?”)
    On the Washington Avenue end I never did
    find the right bus stop.
    The Miami Dade website map is completely
    out of date and so small one can hardly see it
    One of the locals, waiting for the bus told me
    that the drivers do not like this route and that might explain the reticence in providing information.
    If you want to go to the movies, for example, and it is raining, the bus stops on West Avenue
    near Lincoln Road. All you need is an umbrella!
    Anyone from Manhattan, which is where I am from, would just die for such a wonderful and
    inexpensive service.
    To drive 3 or 4 blocks to get a croissant or a newspaper is just throwing money out.
    I love this bus and am so happy that in my building I have finally received a route map.

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