New Belle Isle Residents Association board in place

Watching out for Belle Isle

The island residents’ association has its new board in place for 2010, and it includes a new representative, Jean-Francois Le Jeune of Belle Plaza (with spouse Astrid Rotemberg as substitute).

Board members of the volunteer association serve two-year terms, and devote their spare time to looking out for the rest of us on issues ranging the South Beach Local bus service to scrutinizing development plans affecting the island.

It takes lots of time and it’s tedious, and these folks deserve props for doing it. Their advocacy is the reason developers who want to demolish and rebuild the apartment complex on the Belle Isle Key Apartments site have revised plans and presented them to island residents for open review and discussion — before seeking approval from the city of Miami Beach. The board extracted an apology from the marathon organizers for the early morning PA announcements last month and the assurance it wouldn’t happen again. And board members have held county public works accountable for construction projects on the Venetian Causeway, among other things.

Three other board members earned new two-year terms: David Ballard of Farrey Lane, Barbara Cowen of 3 Island Avenue, and board treasurer Keith Hark of Grand Venetian.

Board members in the middle of their two-year terms are president Scott Diffenderfer of Belle Plaza, vice president Josh Fisher of 9 Island, secretary Sandra Money of 3 Island, Herb Frank and Barbara Frank of Grand Venetian and Gail Limburg and former Miami Beach Commissioner Nancy Liebman of 9 Island.

If you want to know more about what it takes to be a residents association board member, check that out here.  And post comments email your Belle Isle Blog ( with issues or concerns you think ought to be written about or brought to the association’s attention.


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