Few success stories in free Wifi test

We’ve gotten a number of responses to our report on the Belle Isle test of the Miami Beach free wireless, and the experience outside of Belle Isle isn’t any better than on our island — at least not so far. Not a single respondent reported service that enabled them to surf the web, not from a laptop or an iPhone.

Here’s a sampling of responses:

  • Ramundo:

    I’ve tried accessing the system at numerous locations throughout the city south of 41 st and have had difficulty connecting anywhere. I believe the system needs alot more work, including additional signal points. The idea of a City-wide wi-fi is a great idea, but like all ideas there needs to be adequate funding to make it work otherwise the money spent will be wasted, as it appears in this case.

  • Nightstalker:

    If your in a high rise you could purchase a directional 2.4ghz anntenna to basically pick up the signal which would have to be aimed at one of the access points. The more people connected to one particular access point the slower you will go. I’m also wondering what they are connected too on the back end. What type of connection are they splitting? T-1, metro-ethernet, Cablemodem? How much bandwidth are they splitting?

    A lot of times you will pick up a wireless signal but your equipment such as a laptop/iPhone will not have enough strength to transmit the signal from your laptop back to the access point. If you’re getting that slow of speed and not good connectivity someone didn’t do a good job of blanketing the area. Plus interference from other access points on the same channel will cause issues.

  • Stever:

    3rd floor apartment on 4th and Meridian = Unable to connect.

  • sctimm:
    Thanks for the testing experiment. I tried to connect with an iPhone on the 1100 block of Lincoln Rd. I was able to join the MB Wireless network, but couldn’t get the login page to load. (I had previously created my account using a laptop.) I tried other locations along Lincoln Rd – both with a laptop and iPhone – but could never get connected. I think the network still needs a lot of tweaking. I look forward to your upcoming tests.

We’re planning to go out this weekend and test more locations. We’d love to have some help! Post those comments!


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