Introducing: The Belle Isle dog gallery

Errol Rosen and the kids

You want to meet your Belle Isle neighbors? Walk your dog in Belle Isle Park. Or borrow a dog and walk it in Belle Isle Park. Or ask one of your neighbors walking their dog if you can take their picture for the Belle Isle Blog.

We know it’s shameless. But people love their dogs. And dog pictures. And we want people to love the Belle Isle Blog.

So we’re going to go on a mission of photographing the dogs of Belle Isle.  Here we go!

4 responses to “Introducing: The Belle Isle dog gallery

  1. Poca says “neat picture of this beautiful PUG”

  2. Great job!
    I am a 20 year show dog breeder, you can see my videos and show photos at
    I just love seeing people with their dogs. dogs are just 4 legged people that love unconditionally

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