Belle Isle neighbor featured on Dr. Oz next Monday

Miami Beach author and psychologist M. Gary Neuman and son Mikey cross Belle Isle during the ING Miami Marathon.

Our favorite author-rabbi-psychologist-neighborhood jogger, M. Gary Neuman, will be on the Dr. Oz show this Monday (set your DVR for Channel 10 at 10 a.m.) for a segment they are calling The Science of Why Men Cheat: What’s the risk of living with a cheater?

It’s been a busy time for our Miami Beach neighbor, who has been a frequent guest on Oprah and just published another book, Good Times and Bad, Strengthening Your Relationship When The Going Gets Tough and Money Gets Tight, co-written with his wife, Melisa.

There’s another book in the pipeline, What Women Want, Gary tells us, and an upcoming Oprah appearance as well. For that, the Oprah show is looking for women who are willing to appear on the show. One catch: You have to discuss an occasion in which you were unfaithful to your husband. Not making that up, and more about it here.


One response to “Belle Isle neighbor featured on Dr. Oz next Monday

  1. I have seen this guys on the Today Show – he ROCKS!

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