Causeway construction snarls Belle Isle traffic

The ongoing Venetian Causeway construction project backed up traffic between Belle Isle and Miami Beach on Thursday.

The on-again, off-again construction on the Venetian Causeway returned Thursday afternoon, when Miami Beach Public Works employees closed the westbound lane across the bridge between Purdy Avenue and Island Way on Belle Isle. The result, for several hours, was a backup of cars and buses as flagman directed traffic. It’s part of a repair project on the arch beams, deck slabs and piers on the 12 causeway bridges.

Once completed, the work will eliminate the weight restrictions cars and trucks on the causeway.  Construction began last April and is supposed to continue through October.


2 responses to “Causeway construction snarls Belle Isle traffic

  1. I have to tell you as a driver trying to get around Miami with a large truck and trailer can be a never ending nightmare. Between the traffic and road construction things are made so complicated. I wish more people would take the mass transit systems if possible and free up the road ways for people who have to be there. Good luck with the blog and thanks for letting me comment.

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