Marathon to Belle Isle residents: We’re sorry!

ING Miami Marathon organizers apologized to Belle Isle and Venetian Island residents for excessive early morning noise during Sunday’s Marathon and promised it won’t happen again.

The leaders of the Belle Isle Residents Association and Venetian  Causeway Neighborhood Alliance had complained that marathon volunteers played music and made public address announcements as early as 5:30 a.m. on Sunday.

In a letter to “Belle Isle residents,” marathon co-founder Frankie Ruiz said race organizers “take full responsibility” for the noise from water station workers.

“We have been producing the ING Miami Marathon now for eight years and we have been extremely sensitive to the neighborhoods it traverses,” Ruiz wrote. “The Venetian Causeway is by far one of the 26.2 mile route’s most scenic areas. We appreciate the support, cooperation and patience you all have provided throughout the years.”

“….We were trying to get a handle of why so many volunteers showed up at that water station. Apparently one of the event’s charity partners (Cystic Fibrosis) elected to have that water station as their meeting and cheering point,” Ruiz wrote. “We did not authorize the group to do so, much less allow them to use a bull horn or PA of any sort. We have already taken steps to avoid this mishap from occurring again.”

“Our charity group director will be issuing a stern instruction to all our charity groups to refrain from using any and all residential areas for any such cheering station type of activity during the ING Miami Marathon. Also, we will be meeting with our Police Liaisons to ensure that if such a group were to form in a residential area that they do what is necessary to stop the noise disturbance.”

“We hope that you will accept our sincere apologies and we promise to do our best to prevent such a problem from reoccurring again. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.”


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