Fresh Market store planned across from Belle Isle

Foodie alert: There’s going to be a Fresh Market specialty grocery just across the bridge from Belle Isle.

The Miami Beach City Commission approved the permit for the store construction Wednesday. It’s to be built at 1800 West Ave., on the cleared site that used to house the Tomas Maier boutique. (Tomas Maier moved to the Design District.)

Fresh Market has locations in Coconut Grove, Aventura and Pembroke Pines. The store has good fresh produce, a big wine section, lots of bulk nuts, snacks and coffees, and a nice cheese, deli and prepared foods area. It’s a step between Publix and Epicure, both in price and culinary quality.

Papers filed with the city describe a three-story grocery, with canopies providing shade and shelter over the sidewalks. Check out the location on the Belle Isle tracking map by dragging to the left (and moving the map east).

Your Belle Isle Blog is seeking a projected opening date from the Fresh Market folks (based in Carolina), but figure late 2011 at the earliest. We’ll update when we get more info.

Meanwhile, Majestic Realty has broken out the exclamation marks to hawk an adjacent property at 1330 18th St. for $2.2 million. Fresh Market Breaks Ground In South Beach!!, says their Craiglist ad. Available Properties Near Flagship Market!!!


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