Did the ING Marathon hoopla start too early?

Amazingly, this was all cleaned up an hour after the last runner passed.

For all our support of the ING Marathon, some Belle Isle and Venetian Causeway leaders have reached out to race organizers, asking for a little more courtesy toward residents when the runners roll through next year.

In separate emails, Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance vice president Barbara K. Bisno and Belle Isle Residents Association President Scott Diffenderfer complained that public address announcements began at 5:30 a.m. Sunday and continued throughout the morning.

Both wrote to Daniela Coto, who helps organize the race through U.S. Sports and Entertainment of Florida.

Our neighbors understand the uniqueness of the marathon and have been gracious in the past in tolerating the inconveniences that it entails.  However, the music and announcements are not acceptable at that hour,” Diffenderfer wrote.

What do you think? Did the organizers get carried away this year with announcements and music? Comments welcome!


One response to “Did the ING Marathon hoopla start too early?

  1. Mary Kennedy Baumslag

    They certainly did. The megaphone alone woke me up with a bang … something I didn’t appreciate at such an early hour.
    They should rethink their timing … and the volume.

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