Changes planned for South Beach Local bus service?

South Beach Local leaving Belle Isle for Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach Beach Transportation and Parking Committee voted unanimously Monday to recommend a route change for the South Beach Local that will provide a more direct path to Washington Avenue and then south, instead of turning south immediately after leaving the island at West Avenue.

Once the change takes place (probably in June), if you wanted travel south on West Avenue more directly, you’d need to change buses at Publix.

According to Josh Fisher of Belle Isle Residents Association, the proposed route change won’t be taken up at Wednesday’s Miami Beach Commission meeting, as had been expected, but at a meeting in March, to allow Metro-Dade Transit folks more time to work through the proposal. Again, the changes would take place in June.

There’s a lot of support for the route on the island, as illustrated in this supportive post on the Belle Plaza blog. (Note:  since BelleTell posted, we got the good news from the Beach TPC. It appears that the route is safe for now.

As Josh told Belle Isle Blog in an email: “Getting the SBL to Belle Isle, with the convenient routing, has been a typical weird saga. Yesterday we made a big step forward.”

We’ll stay on top of this.


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