True tales from condo canyon

9 Island Avenue

Belle Isle may seem like heaven, but when you live in a condo, it’s no different than anywhere else. As buildings age, they need work. When owners get assessed, they don’t like it.

This week’s lesson in Miami Beach condomania was slipped under the doors of unit owners at 9 Island Avenue, the biggest building on our fine Isle. 9 Island has board elections around the corner, and the loyal opposition fired an anonymous broadside across the bow — actually, under the door — of all the apartments Monday morning.

It’s a one-page missive. It says three key things: Board members at 9 Island seem to always be the same folks, and they recycle every few years. It suggests new blood would be a good thing. It argues that 9 Island unit owners have had one assessment after another for years. Pretty much true. A big plumbing fix, then balconies and paint, then a roof — and there’s more stuff ahead, including a huge job to rehab the pool deck. And then it notes that 9 Island has a growing number of foreclosures. True, though not as bad as a lot of places. It’s nearly 10 in a 299-unit building.

The note argues for change. Not very shocking. It makes you wonder why no one had the courage tosign it.

What do you think?


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