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The next 600 Alton Road reveal: the traffic plan

Crescent Heights development, which owns the abandoned South Shore Hospital and surrounding properties between Alton Road and West Avenue, has scheduled another session with West Avenue residents — this time to outline  the traffic plans for the proposed apartment/retail complex it calls 600 Alton Road.

westavemeetThe meeting happens Thursday, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m. at the Miami Beach Golf Course clubhouse. The West Avenue Neighborhood Association asks that you RSVP if you plan to attend.

At a meeting in January, Crescent Heights showed a proposal for a sleek complex that included 440 rental apartments above 60,000-square feet of retail space and parking for 1073 cars.

The configuration of the retail at street level included open air walkways under the building, and green space (described as a mini-park) facing Fifth Street. Parking was underground, an interesting challenge given the frequency of street flooding in the area.

There were many questions about traffic impact during that meeting, and Crescent Heights promised to follow up with a session with the traffic plan — and this is it.

Meanwhile, Crescent Heights is scheduled to appear at the Planning Board on Feb. 26 and the Design Review Board on March 5.

On Saturday, go for a South Beach bike ride — or avoid getting caught in one

The monthly Miami Beach Community Bike Ride happens Saturday morning between 9 and 11:30 a.m.

It’s a fun event for participants — and a wise thing to plan around for errand-running South Beach residents.

For Belle Isle and other Venetian Causeway dwellers, it’s important to know that the last leg of the ride takes riders down Alton Road from Middle Beach and then east at 20th Street to Dade Boulevard and the Convention Center area.

The ride starts at Fifth Street and Washington Avenue. Here’s the general route, for planning purposes:

  • Fifth Street from Washington Avenue to Ocean Drive
  • Ocean Drive from Fifth to 15 streets
  • 15 Street from Ocean Drive to Collins Avenue
  • Collins Avenue from 15 Street to 87 Street
  • 87 Terrace between Collins Avenue and Harding Avenue
  • Harding Avenue from 87 Terrace (to Indian Creek) to 63 Street
  • 63 Street from Indian Creek to North Bay Road
  • North Bay Road south from 63 Street to 45 Street/Alton Road
  • Alton Road from 45 Street to 20 Street
  • Dade Boulevard from 20 Street to Convention Center Drive
  • Convention Center Drive
  • 17 Street from Convention Center Drive to Washington Avenue
  • Washington Avenue south from 17 Street back to Fifth Street

West Avenue neighborhood fights liquor license sought by Bikini Hostel

On its website, Bikini Hostel sells skin.

On its website, Bikini Hostel sells skin.

You may not know it, but there’s a youth hostel down the street on West Avenue with a name you might expect more for a soft-core movie than a lodging residence: Bikini Hostel.

If it sounds a little scandalous, here’s a snippet from the About section of the Bikini Hostel website:

Party! Party! Party! You will be able to party all night long and then sleep any time in quiet and comfort…Staying at the Bikini Hostel Resort, you are across the street from the intra-coastal water way views of Miami Beach—tropical palm tree islands, downtown Miami— nightly lit up skyline and the weekend DJ pool parties at the Mondrian Hotel – where the hottest beautiful bodies groove to the sexiest music and play in the sun all day long!

Well, then.

The Bikini Hostel is comprised of an apartment building at 1247 West Ave., and two adjacent homes, at 1255 West Ave and 1234 13 St.

More from bikinihostel.com

More from bikinihostel.com

The West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association isn’t exactly thrilled to have the hostel in their hood. And even less thrilled with the prospect of the place getting a liquor license.  What to do?

They are petitioning to block the request. The petition says, in part:

The Bikini Hostel is a nuisance as it is but adding a license to alcohol will only make it worse. The hostel is incompatible with this highly residential and stable community. We oppose the Bikini Hostel’s application for a liquor license.

Of course, there are several places to buy beer, wine or hard liquor near the hostel — certainly within a three block walk.

Friday night bike ride could disrupt Venetian traffic

Here the path of Friday's ride.

Here’s the path of Friday’s ride.

An organized bike ride Friday night could cause serious traffic disruption on Miami Beach, particularly on the Venetian Islands.

The group Critical Mass has planned the ride — with between 1,000 and 2,00 participants — for 7:15 p.m. Friday.

According to a memo from Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez to Acting City Manager Kathie Brooks, the group plans to ride from downtown Miami north on Biscayne Boulevard, across the 79th Street Causeway, south through Miami Beach, south on Collins Avenue to 17th Street, and then across the Venetian Causeway to downtown Miami.

On its website, Critical Mass advises participants to expect to ride about 12 mph and cautions them to ride safely.

Miami Critical Mass is not an “us vs. them” ride, it is not anti-car, it is not a protest ride, this is a ride that celebrates bicycles, encourages cycling & reminds drivers that they must share the road. There are a lot of new riders who just recently joined the group and we need to remind them of this. This is supposed to be a fun ride, you’re encouraged to smile, wave at passersby, ring your bells & have a good time.

But given the scale of the ride, it’s certain to slow traffic in the areas surrounding it. Traffic laws do provide bicycle riders with the right to share the road, and drivers will need to be patient as the group — which could stretch a good distance — moves through our neighborhood.

Police will be providing traffic control.

In an e-mail to residents warning of the ride, Commissioner Deede Weithorn said “please know this is NOT a city sponsored event and we cannot prevent it from taking place. ”

DecoBikes: All stations are operational

The folks at DecoBikes report this morning that after a week of wireless outages at many of their rental kiosks, all stations are working today.

This follows a difficult week for the Miami Beach sharing company, which has 100 bike sharing stations across Miami Beach. Problems with wireless connections with vendor T-Mobile left many stations inoperable; customers couldn’t check out bikes, or in some cases, couldn’t return them.

But all has been fixed as of 10:30 Saturday morning.

DecoBikes says service is improving; outages limited to six stations

DecoBikes says it has limited the service outages to just six stations on the 100-plus station bicycle sharing network on Miami Beach.

Since early this week, wireless connection from have made it difficult for DecoBikes customers to check out and return bicycles. Twice this week, DecoBikes recommended that customers who depend on the service for transportation temporarily find other ways to get around.

But the news is better on Friday evening. In an email, DecoBikes reports:

“At this time service has been restored to most stations except for the following few:

124 – Lennox & 6th St.
149 – Meridian & 17th St.
208 – 35th St. & Collins
306 – 69th St. & Collins
317 – Hawthorne Ave & Crespi
401 – 93rd St. & Collins

If you do encounter a station that says “Reporting to Bike Server” or “No Service” please send us an email with the station number (at the top of each station on the sides) and the approximate date and time that you saw the message. The best email to report an issue with the system is: info@decobike.com  This is also the best email to report a billing issue to if you incurred one.”

DecoBikes kiosks still unreliable, company says

The folks at DecoBikes continue to struggle with wireless connections at their bike sharing check-out stations.

On Thursday,  the kiosks on Belle Isle and around Sunset Harbour — on Purdy and in front of Publix on 20th Street– appeared to be working fine, but on Friday, they advised customers to use other transportation until problems are fixed.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we suggest you do not use DecoBike stations in Miami Beach today.”

According to an update from DecoBikes, they are having specific problems at the following stations:

108 – Michigan Ave & 3rd Street

116 – Ocean Dr & 14th Street

117 – Ocean Dr & 14th Place

118 – 13th Street & Washington Ave

119 – 11th Street & Washington Ave

121 – 7th Street & Collins Ave

128 – Pennsylvania Ave & 13th Street

140 – Pennsylvania Ave & 15th Street

143 – 15 Street & Collins Ave

147 – Pennsylvania Ave & Lincoln Rd

149 – Meridian Ave & 17th Street

208 – 35th Street & Collins Ave

306 – 69th Street & Collins Ave

DecoBikes is working with its wireless provider, T-Mobile, to work out the rest of the kinks. In an email to customers, they advise “while many stations are functioning, we caution riders that service could be interemittent and result in delays in their travel times.  If you have any questions regarding this issue, please send us an email:  info@decobike.com.”