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Sunrise over Sunset Harbour

Daawns early light...

Dawn’s early light…

A beautiful Friday dawns over Sunset Harbour, from the bridge between Belle Isle and West Avenue.

And looking the other way….

Belle Isle, from Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

Belle Isle, from Maurice Gibb Memorial Park


Traffic alert: Critical Mass monthly bike ride to cross Venetian Causeway Friday night

Traffic’s been tough lately in our part of paradise, with roadwork on the causeways, Alton Road, West Avenue, Collins Avenue.

Friday night will be even tougher. So be prepared.

bikerideCritical Mass is a 20-mile bike event that happens the last Friday of each month.

It’s wildly popular.  In past rides, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have been among the hundreds of riders.

But it also creates some major traffic issues. It can be frustrating to commuters who don’t plan for it.

So….Friday night’s ride starts at 7:15 p.m. at Government Center in downtown Miami. The route takes riders through East Little Havana, Overtown, Allapattah, Liberty City, Little Haiti, Upper East Side, North Bay Village, North Beach, Miami Beach, Venetian Islands, and Downtown.

The prediction is that the group will be heading west on the Venetian between 8:15  and 9 p.m., after coming south on Collins Avenue and then in from Dade Boulevard.

Given all our other road closures and the general nature of Friday night traffic, expect some very slow going. And be careful. And patient.

Happy Monday, Belle Isle!

Another Belle Isle sunrise -- from Sunset Harbour

Another Belle Isle sunrise — from Sunset Harbour

As the sun rises, let’s hope for a great week. Despite the traffic, the construction, the this and that.

Remember, we do live in paradise.

Belle Isle on Miami Marathon morning

Runners cross Belle Isle (Herb Frank).

Runners cross Belle Isle (photo by Herb Frank).

It’s a beautiful morning for a marathon. We’ll have more photos later!

Here’s a link to the Herald’s coverage.

Belle Isle neighbors cheer on the runners.

Belle Isle neighbors cheer on the runners. (photo by Steve Neifeld)

Thanks to photogs Herb Frank and Steve Neifeld!


Here comes the Alton Road West trolley

trolleyResponding to the concerns from West Avenue residents and Alton Road businesses, the city of Miami Beach launches its new trolley service for the west corridor of South Beach on Monday.

The trolley will provide free rides to residents during the Alton Road construction project, which has disrupted traffic throughout the West Avenue neigbhorhood.

The trolley was proposed by Mayor Philip Levine at the Dec. 11 city commission meeting. The West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association (WAVNA) has pushed hard for solutions to the painful byproducts of the construction project.

The Alton/West Loop will take passengers north along Alton Road, from Fifth Street to Lincoln Road then south on West Avenue back to Fifth Street.

Here’s a Miami Herald story on the loop.

Good morning, Belle Isle

7 a.m., looking south from 9 Island Avenue

7 a.m., looking south from 9 Island Avenue

How lucky are we to live in the land of fiery sunsets and pink horizons at daybreak?

Get ready for ING Miami Marathon 2014 — it’s coming up

Route for ING Miami 2014

Route for ING Miami 2014

The 2014 ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon — and its 25,000 runners — will be crossing Belle Isle and the Venetian Causeway in only three weeks, on Sunday, Feb. 2.

IMG_4712That’s Super Bowl Sunday for those of your paying attention, and you know what the marathon means: Lots of running to cheer on in the early morning, and basically no way to drive off the island if you aren’t interested.

Our advice:

–Get out and cheer the runners. The race starts at 6:05 a.m. for wheelchair competitors and 6:15 a.m. for runners. We’ll see the leaders pass Belle Isle (mile 8)  around 6:30 a.m., and we’ll see people who have trained for months crossing until 9:30 or 10 a.m. They range from elite athletes to average folks who committed to goal and are on their way to achieving it. Make signs to motivate the runners. Your enthusiasm will help lift them to success.

– Plan your morning around the race. From about 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., you’ll only be able to go east on Venetian Way by car, and quite slowly. If you want to go to breakfast, you might want to walk. That way, you can cheer the runners as you go along. IF you HAVE to go to the mainland in the morning, plan to ease your way east on Venetian Way, then south on West Avenue, and east on the MacArthur Causeway, where westbound lanes will be open.

–Take pictures of the runners and your neighborhood and share them with #belleisle and #miamimarathon.

If you have questions or concerns, the race organizers want to hear from you. Contact Meryl Leventon at