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Belle Isle boil water advisory ends

Make that pot of coffee.

The city of Miami Beach says the boil water advisory for Belle Isle has ended. Testing shows our tap water is safe for drinking and cooking.

The advisory was put in place Monday evening, after a water main break stopped water service to Belle Isle residents.

Belle Isle water service restored; boil water order affects 2000 households

Late Monday, city of Miami Beach public works crews fixed the water main break in front of the Standard Hotel on Belle Isle and restored service to  households on the island.

Air conditioners kicked on, but the water from the pipes looked a little brown and not so great. The city announced a precautionary boil water advisory for 2000 households on Belle Isle, in both the high-rise condos and apartments and the small bungalow homes on Farrey Lane and Century Lane.

Typically the boil water order lasts 48 hours, but it won’t be lifted until water samples test clean.

Still no water on Belle Isle; boil water order will be in effect when service is restored

Miami Beach public works crews continue their work on the damaged water main on Belle Isle, and island residents remain without water — and air conditioning, if their building has a cooling tower.

Nine Island Avenue residents were advised by property manager Scott Parker that when water service is restored, the island will be under a boil water order for 48 hours. That is, water will need to be boiled before use in cooking or for drinking.

Water main break disrupts service to Belle Isle

Crews work on broken water main on Belle Isle

Crews work on broken water main on Belle Isle

Miami Beach has shut off water service to Belle Isle, because of a water main break.

That means air conditioning is off on most if not all Belle Isle buildings — in addition to water service — as crews try to fix the problem.

Traffic on Venetian Way on Belle Isle is restricted to one lane to accommodate the repair crews.


Venetian Way neighborhood meeting to focus on Sunpass, bridges issues

vwnaThe Venetian Way Neighborhood Alliance holds its annual meeting on April 22, and the switch to Sunpass for the Venetian tolls and needed repairs to bridges top the agenda.

Mike Bauman, who oversees the causeway for Miami-Dade County, will give an overview of what island residents can expect this summer when toll collection becomes entirely automatic through SunPass, and toll-takers no longer collect cash. Bauman recently gave details about those plans to the blog.

And Miami-Dade Public Works will elaborate on the events that led to the west drawbridge closure and planned repairs to the bridges.

Hartog said that though the county has been planning bridge repairs for some time — they’ve been discussed in previous Venetian Way Neighborhood Alliance meetings as well as Belle Isle Residents Association meetings — an incident last month triggered more urgency.

On March 18, Hartog said, a Metrobus got its tire stuck in a pothole on the westernmost bridge. That led to the patchwork of asphalt and metal that was set in place during the last several weeks, and Wednesday night’s sudden closure for repairs.

By the way, the county heard loud and clear from residents that they deserved more than a day’s notice of the closure plan.

“Thirty hours ahead is just not enough,” Hartog said, noting that some residents don’t open their email immediately. Days would have been more appropriate notice than hours.

The county has “learned their lesson, I hope” on communicating better, he said.

In addition to Bauman, Miami-Dade County engineer Tony Cotarela is expected to speak at the meeting, which happens April 22 at 7 p.m. at 1000 Venetian Way on Biscayne Island.

If you are interested in joining the alliance, here you go. ,Membership form 2014.doc



There will also be a discussion of security concerns (there have been more burglaries on DiLido in the last week) and beautification efforts on the islands.

MacArthur Causeway disruptions tonight, key community meetings next week

The lane closures related to the Port of Miami Tunnel project continue tonight, although this one is a bit more distant to Miami Beach.

Drivers on Interstate 95 north who want to head east to Miami Beach won’t be able to get on the ramp to eastbound I-395 starting at 10 p.m. through 5:30 a.m.

Workers will be installing new sign structures and panels related to the tunnel.

Meanwhile, two key neighborhood meetings happen next week:

– The West Avenue Corridor Neighborhood Association (WAVNA) is hosting a town hall with State Rep. David Richardson at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. The state Legislature begins its session on March 2, and this gathering, at Oliver’s Bistro (West Avenue and Ninth Street) will be a chance to get a preview on everything from the Alton Road construction project to gambling and the use of red light cameras. .

– The Belle Isle Residents Association holds its annual meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Belle Plaza, 20 Island Ave. There will be a gathering with refreshments beforehand.

The week ahead: preparing for hearts, flowers, boats and bridges

From Belle Isle, the sun sets of the city of Miami.

From Belle Isle, the sun sets of the city of Miami.

As the sun sets on another fabulous weekend, here’s some of what is upcoming in the next week:

– The city of Miami Beach warns that we’ll see many more Venetian Causeway drawbridge opens this week a boats cruise into place for boat show weekend. For the Yacht and Brokerage Show on Indian Creek, the bridges will be opening on request, rather than every half hour.

IMG_3398– Work continues on San Marino and DiLido Island, affecting daytime parking and traffic.

– The Miami Beach Commission meets Wednesday, and among the items on a long agenda are proposals to expedite construction on the Alton Road improvements.

A foggy Sunday morning on Belle Isle

IMG_3401In case you slept late enough to miss it…..

Belle Isle scenes from Miami Marathon 2014

The runners came dressed for success

The runners came dressed for success

It was a warm and wonderful Sunday on Belle Isle, and some 25,000 runners crossed our island, pursuing personal milestones. Volunteers gave them water and Gatorade and we cheered them on….(Thanks to Belle Isle’s Steve Neifeld for the photos)


Good morning Belle Isle — Monday and the week ahead

The sun rises on another beautiful week.

The sun rises on another beautiful week.

We hope you survived the Super Bore — er, Bowl — and are ready for the week. Here are a couple of things to get you ready:

– The Alton/West Trolley loop starts service today at 8 a.m. The free service from the city of Miami Beach will take passengers north along Alton Road, from Fifth Street to Lincoln Road then south on West Avenue back to Fifth Street. It’s meant to relieve congestion caused by the Alton Road construction mess.

– The organic farmer’s market happens Wednesday in the breezeway at the Sunset Harbour Shops.

– On Thursday, Miami Beach police are holding a police captain’s walk with Venetian Isle homeowners. It starts at 5 p.m. at the corner of East Dilido Drive and North Venetian Way. The walk is a chance to discuss security concerns in the neighborhood.